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Other places in Egypt : Alexandria, Assyout, Cairo, Ismailia, Luxor, Port Said, Sharm El Sheikh


New Everst Hostel
Egypt > Luxor > New Everst Hostel

 Hostel Address: Train Station Street
 Hostel Phone Number: (002) 0105087945
 Price:  No Price Information 

New Everst Hostel Description and Map


Hostel Cairo
Egypt > Cairo > Hostel Cairo

 Hostel Address: 135 Abdel Aziz Al Saoud St
 Hostel Phone Number: +20-2-23624593
 Price:  From 15.25 EGP 

Hostel Cairo Description and Map


Hostel Brothers
Egypt > Cairo > Hostel Brothers

 Hostel Address: 34 Talaat Harb st
 Hostel Phone Number: 00 202 57 96 946
 Price:  From 9 USD 

Hostel Brothers Description and Map


The Canadian Hostel
Egypt > Cairo > The Canadian Hostel

 Hostel Address: 5 Talat Harb Street
 Hostel Phone Number: +2 022 3925794
 Price:  From 7.50 USD 

The Canadian Hostel Description and Map


The Australian Hostel
Egypt > Cairo > The Australian Hostel

 Hostel Address: 23 Abd El khaleq Sarwat
 Hostel Phone Number: +202 23958892
 Price:  From 6.50 USD 

The Australian Hostel Description and Map


New Palace Hotel
Egypt > Cairo > New Palace Hotel

 Hostel Address: 17, Soliman El Halaby st
 Hostel Phone Number: 002 02 25751283
 Price:  From 6.50 USD 

New Palace Hotel Description and Map


Hostel Alexandria - El Shatbi
Egypt > Alexandria > Hostel Alexandria - El Shatbi

 Hostel Address: 32 Port Said St.
 Hostel Phone Number: +20 3 5925459
 Price:  No Price Information 

Hostel Alexandria - El Shatbi Description and Map


Hostel Assyout
Egypt > Assyout > Hostel Assyout

 Hostel Address: Lux Housing El Walidia
 Hostel Phone Number: +20 88 324846
 Price:  No Price Information 

Hostel Assyout Description and Map


Youth Hostel Ismailia
Egypt > Ismailia > Youth Hostel Ismailia

 Hostel Address: Emara Touristic Rd
 Hostel Phone Number: +20 64 3922850
 Price:  From 16.00 EGP 

Youth Hostel Ismailia Description and Map


Hostel Port Said
Egypt > Port Said > Hostel Port Said

 Hostel Address: El Amin St & Korna
 Hostel Phone Number: +20 66 228702
 Price:  No Price Information 

Hostel Port Said Description and Map


Sharm El Sheikh Hostel
Egypt > Sharm El Sheikh > Sharm El Sheikh Hostel

 Hostel Address: Hadabet om Elsayed
 Hostel Phone Number: +20-69-3660317
 Price:  From 55.00 EGP 

Sharm El Sheikh Hostel Description and Map

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