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Hostel Moneda
Mexico > Mexico City > Hostel Moneda

 Hostel Address: Moneda 8, Centro, DF
 Hostel Phone Number: +5255 5522 5803
 Price:  From 140 MXN 

Hostel Moneda Description and Map


Hostal Casa Vieja
Mexico > Mexico City > Hostal Casa Vieja

 Hostel Address: Cerrada de Londres # 7, Colonia Juárez (Between Sevilla Ave. & Toledo St.)
 Hostel Phone Number: +(52 55) 5208-3004
 Price:  From 190 MXN 

Hostal Casa Vieja Description and Map


Amigo Hostel
Mexico > Mexico City > Amigo Hostel

 Hostel Address: Isabel la Católica No. 61 Colonia Centro, México D.
 Hostel Phone Number: 01800 7467835
 Price:  From 180 MXN 

Amigo Hostel Description and Map


Mexico City Hostel
Mexico > Mexico City > Mexico City Hostel

 Hostel Address: Brasil No. 8, Col. Centro
 Hostel Phone Number: (01-55) 5512-3666
 Price:  150 MXN 

Mexico City Hostel Description and Map

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