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Paradis Hotel
France > Nice > Paradis Hotel

 Hostel Address: 1 Rue Paradis 06000 Nice
 Hostel Phone Number: +33/(0) 4.93.877.12
 Price:  From 40 Euro 

Paradis Hotel Description and Map


Villa Saint Exupery
France > Nice > Villa Saint Exupery

 Hostel Address: 22 Avenue Gravier,
 Hostel Phone Number: +33 493 84 42 83
 Price:  From 16 Euros 

Villa Saint Exupery Description and Map


Hotel Le Lido
France > Nice > Hotel Le Lido

 Hostel Address: 4 Rue Du Commandant Berretta,
 Hostel Phone Number:
 Price:  From 40 Euros 

Hotel Le Lido Description and Map


Hostel Smith
France > Nice > Hostel Smith

 Hostel Address: 20 Rue Droite in Nice Old Town.
 Hostel Phone Number: +33 (0)6 0914 5347
 Price:  From 22 Euros 

Hostel Smith Description and Map

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