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Canadiana Backpackers Inn
Canada > Toronto > Canadiana Backpackers Inn

 Hostel Address: 42 Widmer Street
 Hostel Phone Number: 416-598-9090
 Price:  From 25 CAD 

Canadiana Backpackers Inn Description and Map


Global Village Backpackers
Canada > Toronto > Global Village Backpackers

 Hostel Address: 460 King Street West Toronto
 Hostel Phone Number: (+1) 416.703.8540
 Price:  From 25 CAD 

Global Village Backpackers Description and Map


Hostelling International Toronto
Canada > Toronto > Hostelling International Toronto

 Hostel Address: 76 Church St.
 Hostel Phone Number: (+1) (416) 971-4440
 Price:  From 26 CAD 

Hostelling International Toronto Description and Map


College Hostel
Canada > Toronto > College Hostel

 Hostel Address: 280 Augusta Avenue
 Hostel Phone Number: (+1) (416) 929-4777
 Price:  From 23 CAD 

College Hostel Description and Map


Clarence Castle
Canada > Toronto > Clarence Castle

 Hostel Address: 8 Clarence Square
 Hostel Phone Number: (+1) 416.260.1221
 Price:  From 24 CAD 

Clarence Castle Description and Map

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